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For your information, the following is an outline of our standard policies:



All space is held on a 10-day tentative basis.  The required deposit, signed contract, and catering rider are required to confirm all room reservations.  The deposit is applied toward the cost of the function.


In the event of cancelation for any reason once a deposit has been paid, Arvada Events will fully refund the deposit if Arvada Events is able to re-book the space.  If a portion of the space is re-booked, Arvada Events will refund a corresponding portion of the deposit.  If the space is not re-booked, Arvada Events will retain the entire deposit amount.


The estimated balance of the function is due four (4) working days prior to the function.  Any additional charges are due the date of the function.  Direct billing may be established for groups with approved credit.

Room Charge

Room rental charges will be reduced if a minimum amount of food and/or beverages per person is purchased. If your group’s final guaranteed attendance is 25% or more few than the original tentative attendance, a room rental will be charged.


For all functions, attendance must be guaranteed four (4) working days preceding the date of the event.  The number furnished will be considered a GUARANTEE.  Charges will be assessed for the number guaranteed or the number served, whichever is greater.  Arvada Events will prepare food and seating for 5% over your guarantee, with a maximum of 20. As an example: the group submits a guarantee of 350 and only 340 are served, the group will be charged for 350 meals.  If on a guarantee of 350, 353 are actually served, the group will be charged for 353.  Should more than the 5% overset arrive to be served, Arvada Events staff will accommodate your guests to the best of our ability.  There would be no guarantee that the identical meal or beverages would be served. If final GUARANTEE is not called in four (4) working days prior to the event the tentative attendance will become the final guarantee.


Our prices are guaranteed for 90 days.  If you make your selection within 90 days of your function, we will honor the prices in effect at that time.  The prices posted in Arvada Events banquet menus do not include sales tax or service charge.  Applicable sales tax and a service charge of 20% will be applied to all food and beverage pricing.  Menu pricing and standard room rentals or minimums are not guaranteed for holidays, New Year’s Eve and special events.

Food and Beverage

No food or beverage of any kind may be brought into Arvada Events venues by the patron or any of the patron's guests or invites unless a prior agreement has been signed by the Business Development Coordinator.

Arvada Events, as a licensee, is responsible for the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Colorado State Liquor Regulations.  Therefore, we require that all alcoholic beverages be provided through Arvada Events.  Arvada Events has the right to refuse service to an individual, or a group, if in management’s opinion continuing to serve alcohol could result in a person(s) becoming intoxicated or consuming alcohol above the legal limits.  By executing the Catering Contract all people in attendance at the group function agree to abide by this policy statement, and waive all claims, causes of action, or rights to commence legal action of any kind or nature by virtue of the Arvada Center's refusal to serve alcoholic beverages.  The individual executing the Catering Contract on behalf of the group hereby agrees to be responsible for informing the group of the policy set forth herein. 



All arrangements must be completed four (4) working days preceding the date of the event.  Any changes in arrangements following that date (i.e. AV needs, room setup, menu changes, etc.) may result in additional charges.


The patron assumes full responsibility with respect to the applicable federal, state and municipal laws as they pertain to the patron's guests and/or invites' conduct.


The patron assumes full responsibility for any damages to Arvada Events venues caused by the patron, their guests or invites.  Some types of functions may require additional damage deposits.  Affixing items to the ceiling, floor or walls of Arvada Events venues are specifically prohibited and will result in additional damage charges or deposits.  Please request assistance in moving display items in and out of the facilities.

Any decorating must be approved by the Business Development Coordinator.  Absolutely no glitter or confetti is to be used.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Performance by the Center

Performance by Arvada Events is contingent upon the ability of the management to complete the same, and is subject to labor troubles; disputes or strikes; accidents; government (federal, state or municipal) requisition; restrictions upon travel; transportation; foods, beverages or supplies; and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, beyond control of management which prevent or interfere with performance.

Time Restrictions

Please adhere to the arrival and departure times outlined in your contract.  For all functions the entertainment must stop and the bar must close 30 minutes prior to the contracted departure time.


Arrangements for audio-visual requirements should be placed through Arvada Events sales office.  Please order necessary equipment 4 working days in advance of your function.  The patron is responsible for the rental fee charged for audio-visual equipment and/or service.

Room Assignments

Function space is assigned according to the anticipated number of guests expected.  If there are fluctuations in the number expected or if additional or less space is required, Arvada Events reserves the right to reassign more appropriate facility space.


Arvada Events assumes no responsibility for loss and/or damage of any material or equipment brought onto Arvada Center property.  Please check with our Sales Office if you require security arrangements.

Arvada Events reserves the right to inspect and regulate all private parties booked into the facility.

Disability Access

Arvada Events offers numerous features for persons with mobility, hearing or visual impairments.  We will be glad to provide copies of our brochure, Access Features and Special Programs.

Unsupervised Children

Adults are, when attending a function at Arvada Events, responsible for watching, controlling and keeping any children with them from disrupting others.  We ask that children remain in the area where the function is occurring.  If venturing away from that area children must be accompanied by an adult.



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